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Underneath the layers of social conditioning, who are you?

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“There is no house like the house of belonging.”

- David Whyte

We seek to belong from the time we are born – to our parents, to our

family, our community, society, country, profession, our passion, or to our

partners. The desire to be free and to belong exists in this seeming

contradiction. So, we pendulate between these polarities thinking that we

have to choose one, not realizing that both exist. We need both, and both

are needed expressions that enable us to live a full and fulfilled life.

This dichotomy may present in your lives as a feeling of meaninglessness

that has shrouded your externally meaningful life, or the feeling there is

no reconciliation of the inner and outer spaces of relationships. Or you

may feel an equal pull for wanting relationships and being better-off

without them, an inner exploration may be your answer. Then there are

more obvious reasons to seek help – abuse, addictions, anxiety, depression, body symptoms, etc.


If you resonate with any part of this, then know that you aren't alone.

There are several times when what emerges in the therapy room feels like magic when something that has been ailing for years, just doesn’t have that old energy anymore and disappears. It is true that the roots of the malady lay in going back into the personal history or memory. If we include the body sensations that emerge in this journey, magic sure can happen.

While, there are other times when it feels like drudgery when something deep rooted is finding space in the life we live.

Again, both these experiences are valid and change is underlying both of them.

I stand here with my own journey of healing, writing, and traversing stories and poems. I call this the tasting of my own medicine before I prescribe it. 


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“To hope for nothing, to expect nothing, to demand nothing. This is analytical despair.”
― James Hillman

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