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All About Therapy 

Some basic information about sessions that will help decide if you would like to explore the modalities I work with. 


In a session, I bring in my skills as a process worker, follower of the Tao, body awareness, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. With all the skills and understanding of psychological constructs, my preference is to ground the work - psychological, emotional, or spiritual - in the body. 

All our understandings or issues that we have are either in the past or the future; only our body lives in the present. The reorganization or renegotiation of any issue is effective only if it happens at the body level. 

I use different tools to contain the difficult emotions that may arise during a session. 


How to begin work?

To see results by working with the psychological, spiritual, physiological, or generational challenges requires a time commitment - like chipping the wood for the sculpture to emerge. Because, unlike our understanding of linear progression, psychological journeys are anything but linear. We may begin with an agenda and may branch out to different routes on the way. Hence, it is necessary to see if you and I align or are a good fit to chart this journey together. The 20-minute free intake call is scheduled for that purpose: to understand your requirement, therapy history, medical history, and the transformation that you intend to achieve through our sessions.

After we decide, we will schedule a regularity of session that will fit your transformational journey. 


How do I know this is a right fit for me?

Sessions are of two broad types: 

  • When you simply want to explore. This could be a working towards your larger dream of your life.

  • When you are facing significant challenges in your life - physical, psychological, or are aware of some trauma. 

Essentially, each type will require to bring to awareness something that has been lying at the bottom of the ocean or catching dust of time. 

Knowing if this sort of therapy is right for you is one aspect and knowing if we can work together is another. 

The answer to both is: you will know when you know. 


How does a session look like?

In a session, I will generally ask you to set an agenda of how you would like to use our time together - the issue you would like to work on today? 

You can bring an issue you are facing in your life, a night-time dream, a stuck-ness in life, or to renegotiate trauma that you have recently become aware of. Exploring an aspect may run into more than one session.


Explorations I work with

During the intake call, I take information regarding three broad areas in your life - life situations, body symptoms or somatic troubles, and dreams. These show up as issues such as depression, burnout, anxiety, pains and aches, significant dreams, existential angst, abandonment issues, developmental issues, or troubles in a romantic relationship/ marriage. 

I work with individuals (adults and teenagers) and couples. 

I am trained in a few energetic tools, such as UFH and Master Activation Series that help break repeating patterns.  


Session Fees

The fees I charge reflect my time, effort, my studies, and my presence. As I honour that, I also wish to create supportive spaces for your exploration. Hence, the fees will be arrived at after an individual discussion. 

“Our lives are determined less by our childhood than by the traumatic way we have learned to remember our childhoods.”
― James Hillman

Hear from the Experts

A lot of times people have questions about Somatic Experiencing or Process Work that places emphasis on dreams. So, here I have listed a few videos that are long enough to give a glimpse and brief enough to give an idea.

Browse through the resources below, and get in touch with any questions or requests you may have.

Does Somatic Experiencing Work?

Trauma in the Nervous System

Process Work and the Tao

Book a free 20-minute call

If you are curious to explore options and are unsure of this work is for you, feel free to write to me at to book a free 20-minute call. 

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