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These are potent, brief activations that are given in the energy of Infinite Love, to help you become more of who you are. 

That which attracts you, is the right one for you.

To explore more, get in touch with me.

Master Activation Series

What are Master Activation Series?

These are energy tools taught by Peggy Phoenix Dubro to help to work through energetic blockages. She has worked for decades to discover energy tools to help humanity move through this time of great change.

I offer these activations as a way to work through emotional, physical, and psychological blocks. At times, when it comes in strongly during sessions, I suggest these to clients during therapy. These have definitely catapulted clients into a deeper healing and presence in this world.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro began her work with the origination of the EMF Balancing Technique® - her work that was born in

1988 during a multidimensional experience of no beginning and no end in the power and energy of Infinite Love! With this, she discovered and experienced an evolutionary system in the human energy body known worldwide as the Universal Calibration Lattice®. This is delivered with honor and respect to each individual and all of humanity. 

Master Activations Series are another way to work with developing your ability to focus and direct your energy with conscious coherence in a state of peace-filled empowerment. These work at the merging point of energy, science and spirituality.  

About Peggy

Peggy's teachings are filled with laughter and a palpable feeling of a deep love, presence, and respect for everyone on the planet. In the live and recorded teachings, she is a joyful, loving, and playful teacher. She is a distinguished international speaker, who has experienced the universal love and has put the energy into digestible potions such as her energy tools for the benefit of humankind transgress beyond seen, felt physical limitations. She is a true pioneer in the field of human-to-human energy dynamics. 

Peggy has promised to honor the efforts everyone makes to expand their and universal consciousness. Therefore, all of her energy tools are complementary to any other modalities you may be using and love.  

Read more about her work on:

In this constantly accelerating universe, Peggy's energy tools open a doorway to transform, attune, and align to help

'become more of who you are'. 

Master Activations 

Each activations are given either as a single session or two sessions. To complete the activations, it may take 3 or 4 hours depending upon the energy present at a particular sessions. These sessions can take few days to complete.


The activations, I offer are listed below. Sometimes, you may resonate with an energy of a particular activation or during the therapy sessions, I suggest a particular one for you.

Check the different pages with details for each Activation. 

Imagine Evolutionary Timelines

Explore channeling and activating powerful timelines of our choice through Time as we know - past, future and imagining others - universes, dimensions, etc 

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Power of Purpose

Explore the power of purpose through your electromagnetic nature and activate the profound energies of purpose in these times of transformation

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Power of Presence

Explore being fully present through this activation of energetic awareness of your Body Presence, your precious Soul Presence, in your spirit of Infinite Love Presence.

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Power of Conscious Commitment

Combine the extraordinary power of clear intent with activating energy patterns to become more committed to co-creating your life of choice with this energetic commitment

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Imagine Evolutinary Timelines

In the Energy of Infinite Love, 

Let Us Begin!

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