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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


I am a seeker of awareness, writer, poet, dreamer, body worker, and a student of psychology. I am enriched by exploring the distance between being an individual and relating with the world. This is a relationship I have recently embraced.  

I love to write stories, paint, read, and interact with children.  Apart from individual and couples client sessions, from time to time, I take writing workshops for children and adults. 

Since 2018, I am learning the language and wisdom of our bodies - and it astounds and moves me. 

Transformations with Awareness 

I work with individuals (adults and teenagers) as well as with couples. Some of the issues I work with are anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship issues, body symptoms, developmental issues, existential angst, abandonment issues, and dreams.


Who am I?

Ramanna Maharshi started his journey into oneness with this question. I remember his story as if I have seen him walk in a trance to Arunachala and spend years answering that question to himself.

My conscious inward journey started when I read Ramanna Maharshi’s story in 2014. His story stirred me so much that I couldn’t continue to get up every morning to go to work. It wasn’t long before when I quit my job, gave away my belongings, wrapped up my apartment, and started my version (of a 21st century woman, in a reasonably conservative society) of the walk towards my guru.

Looking back, it seems like I was guided by my intuition. And today, instead of writing fictional stories, everything that I write is a story. I tell stories through poems, sitting across a client, writing my thoughts, all the while constructing and reconstructing a story of life, relationships, purpose, passion, or even understanding love.

I am interested in the resilience of the human soul – in situations and incidents that build and break people. Every opportunity to break is an opportunity to re-evaluate the pieces that we need in our life. 

My Professional Journey

I have post-graduation in creative writing from London and started my professional life teaching English to refugees, asylum seekers, and jobseekers while working in a think-tank in London. These two streams – to be connected with the language and to contribute in the larger world, have formed the basis of the other career choices along the way. Over a course of two decades, I have worked at a magazine, newspaper, an NGO, multinational consulting firm, and a school.

Working with clients is like witnessing the glory of the human soul.

I bow to this privilege of walking with awareness together towards transformation. 

I am a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner developed by Dr Peter Levine, which is a trauma healing method of renegotiating trauma stuck in the body. I also facilitate awareness through dream work and body symptom exploration with the depth psychology modality - Process-oriented Psychology developed by Dr Arnold Mindell.

Currently, I work online and offline, with appointments.


I can only give you what I have.

I can only show you what

I see, hear,



This is a work in process aspect – to create something in the world. Some aspects in this dream are:

  • To connect with families, which has undergone surgical trauma

  • To create a support group for survivors of severe surgeries – cancer, tumors, accidents, paralysis, etc.

  • To create a circle for children to share stories and poems.

  • A reading circle where anyone can come in and share a couple of pages of what they are currently reading.

  • A women’s circle to discuss the feminine

If any of this calls you, please do connect with me. Every single helping hand is valuable.

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